Three Killer Lifestyle Success Secrets

-Take action. Nobody is going to give it to you so just go get it. Say what you want about desires, luck, and silver spoons, but the simple truth is that for the vast majority of us our success will not be handed to us. This is the reason why most people never really reach the level of success, be it financial, personal, or status, that they seek. They’re just too lazy or too afraid to go out and get it.

It was interesting to watch our group of fitness professionals (there were about 30 of us in total) not only in the lectures but out and about. Whether it was approaching a girl, deciding on a restaurant, or just getting a beer in a busy bar there was very little of the hemming, hawing, and “what do you want to do? I don’t know, what do you want to do?” back and forth that you see in everyday society. We wanted it, and we went out and got it.

And for anyone out there who thinks that how one approaches a busy bar to get a beer isn’t a solid representation of how they approach life, then just take my word for it as a veteran doorman. It is.

-Figure out what you’re really looking for instead of just chasing stuff. We went through a bunch of great exercises to really drill down into our goals, motivations, and desires, and the results were pretty interesting. Too many people get caught up in the goals of acquiring things and forget why they wanted those things in the first place. That’s a never-ending cycle of stress, as there’s always more fame, money, and things to chase.

Instead of pushing yourself to simply acquire more things you need to think about what you really want and what you need to make that happen. Will you need the stuff to build the ultimate lifestyle that you want? Probably. But I’m willing to bet that if you settle in on what you really want in life then getting the stuff to make that happen will be a lot simpler than you think and your stress level will be dramatically lower.

-Focus on your next step and stop multitasking. People suck at multi-tasking. Women are supposed to be a little better at it than men, but they suck at it, too. You know how Leonardo Da Vinci used to write two different letters to two different people (one with each hand) simultaneously? Chances are you’re not Leonardo Da Vinci (sorry to burst that bubble… PS there’s no Easter Bunny) so stop trying to be.

When you try to do a bunch of different things at once you end up slowing down, taking more time overall, making more mistakes, and generally half-assing everything. Instead, plan out the things you need to do for the next period of time and then tackle each on exclusively and sequentially. Turn off your email, Facebook, and phone (unless that’s what you’ve got on the docket) and crush each task you have one-by-one.

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