How to Cook Steak

Steak is a delectable cut of meat that can be cooked in a number of ways. There are different cuts of steak which include: filet mignon, rib eye steak, chuck steak, cube steak, sirilion steak, T-bone steak, strip steak, round steak among others. The cut of steak will determine how long the steak will need to be cooked and the method used to cook it. Steak is a great complement to any meal and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Steak can be prepared as said previously in quite a few ways. The length of time taken to prepare and cook the steak will largely depend on how you prefer to eat the steak. Specifically, if you prefer it to be rare, medium rare, medium, medium well done or well done.

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Three Killer Lifestyle Success Secrets

-Take action. Nobody is going to give it to you so just go get it. Say what you want about desires, luck, and silver spoons, but the simple truth is that for the vast majority of us our success will not be handed to us. This is the reason why most people never really reach the level of success, be it financial, personal, or status, that they seek. They’re just too lazy or too afraid to go out and get it. Continue reading Three Killer Lifestyle Success Secrets