Bunion relief – some great tips to get immediate relief

What exactly are bunions?

Bunions are painful developments on the base of the large toe or foot thumb that may grow overtime when not using proper footwear. Characterized by a swelling and/or irritated and chafed skin at the base of the big toe and around the region it affects almost thirty percent of the women population in most western countries. Various causes can influence or help the development of bunions prior studies show that bunions are mostly hereditary in nature and its genetics that mostly play the role in their development. However, experts have also recently agreed that bunions can grow worse when wearing uncomfortable and restricting footwear.

Bunions can be really painful when not treated. The underlying cause for bunions is actually hereditary, this being mentioned people with bunions develop this overtime although wearing uncomfortable footwear can hasten bunion development. Surgery can be a permanent solution for bunion relief but this can be really expensive and lighter degrees of bunion formation can still be alleviated of by using home remedies, bunion splints, and other foot care applications.

Bunion splints

Bunion splints are generally made from synthetic elastic material that can help relieve bunion pain and position the big toe in a way that will help avoid discomfort from the bunion. Aside from bunion splints toe spreaders can also help with bunion related problems such as stiffness and possibly chaffing. Bunion splints and toe spreaders stretch and help your feet feel comfortable and some products and models can even be worn overnight.

Bunion Pads

Another alternative to help provide relief to your bunion plagued feet are bunion pads. These soft gel-based products are often used to line the interior of shoes to avoid irritation and chaffing of the skin on the bunion or just to give a more comfortable feeling to bunion sufferers when wearing shoes. These pads may come as a toe spacer or as surrounding pads which can help prevent the bunion from having contact with the interior of a shoe.


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