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Every wanted to grow a beard? If so you’ve probably tried a few different times and failed to achieve the look you wanted. I know the scenario all to well. You skip a couple of days shaving then after countless minutes of staring in the mirror you decide, you can’t grow a beard. Most people give up for a few different reasons.

Why you quit on your beard:

  1. “My beard won’t grow in evenly”
  2. “It looks dirty”
  3. “It’s not growing fast enough”

I have repeated this very cycle (hey I want to grow a beard, let it grow a few days, nope looks terrible, people will laugh, shave it off, repeat). The reality is, these are not reasons they are excuses, most men can grow some sort of facial hair. Growing a proper beard takes the proper preparation. Some men may be only able to grow a mustache, some wicked long sideburns, a Goatee, etc. The reality is that you will not know until you simply let it grow. Time will decide what beard is right for you. Are You ready to begin your Beard Journey check out my top 5 tips for starting a beard below.

Tip 1. Implement a well rounded diet

The latest and greatest hair growth secret isn’t some fancy European spray on hair formal. It’s simply providing your body with the nutrients it needs by eating a well rounded diet. Health industry experts agree that a balanced diet with the correct amount of protein, iron, and other nutrients will assist in improving the overall health, look, growth and feel of your facial hair.

Hair is made up of mostly proteins. Specially proteins known as keratin. For most of us, roughly 90% of our hair is still in it’s growing cycle. For every hair on your body, the growing cycle lasts two to three years. After the growing cycle, your hairs enter a resting cycle that lasts anywhere from 2 – 3 months before they are replaced by new hairs. If you aren’t getting enough protein in your diet, your body could prematurely send your hair into the resting cycle.

United States Department of Agriculture recomends that you, make half your plate fruits and vegetables, switch to skim milk, make attest half of your grains whole, and varry your protein food choices.

Tip #2 Take your vitamins

Just like any other physically change in your body, you need the right building blocks. Most multi vitamins contain Biotin which is essential for hair growth.

Biotin is a natural Vitamin. It can be found in various foods, Swiss Chard, Carrots, Almonds, Chicken Eggs, Halibut. If you can push yourself to eat one of the above foods every day, no worries. Bitoin is contained in most multivitamins. Simply head to your local grocery and check the ingredients on there multivitamins.

Additionally none of us are perfect with our dietary intake and try as we may we inevitable miss important minerals & nutrients in our daily food intake. Taking a multivitamin good for your overall health and like Jack Passion (Two time world beard champion) Says “healthy man, healthy beard”.

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Tip #3 Condition your beard

Condition often early on. BeardsMen have varying views on how often you should condition. In the beginning the scratch and itch from your growing beard will be one of the largest hurdles you have to overcome. I recommend conditioning once every other day. This is probably a good time to decide whether to comb it several times a day, to ensure an even shape, or go without conditioner, for a more tangled up natural beard. For those wanting a more natural beard begin with every other day condoning then reduce to ounce a week, to one month, etc … this will relive initial itch issues.

Tip #4 Work out

Physicals demanding exercise will increase your testosterone. Well … ruling is acutely kind of out on this one but personally I can dig the logic behind it. I think increasing your testosterone through demanding exercise, pushes your body to produce most things at higher rate, so why not beard hair. Again Jack Passion (Two time world beard champion) Says “healthy man, healthy beard”.

Tip #5 Set a Goal for your beard

Set a goal and make a plan based of the type of the beard. Do your research check out all the great online beard how to resources online. Most guys can’t grow a beard in a few weeks. I’ve set a goal of 3 months before my first trim and one year of total commitment to beard growth. Put some brain power to this decision and stick with it. Generally speaking after 3-4 months you should see the natural shape of your beard.

The hardest part about growing a beard is just sticking with it. Day after day you will look in the mirror and over examine the growth of your beard. Most people won’t look that closely, accept any criticism with a warm smile. Those that choose to criticize are not worthy of a beardsmen’s time. We beardsmen don’t have time to worry about other judgment, save that for the naked face feminine men of the world. Grow your beard now!

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