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At Cater Bids we supply all types of catering equipment; one of our specialities is Reconditioned or Refurbished catering equipment. We have a wide range of used catering equipment for sale and regularly have special offers on specific pieces of Reconditioned Catering Equipment – we can even source the particular piece of equipment that your need form our contacts within the industry. Of course, we can Refurbish one of your own pieces of used commercial catering equipment too.

We carry out all the Refurbishment of Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment in house, with our own team of experience Engineers. The time taken to refurbish any piece of equipment will depend on the condition of the secondhand catering equipment when it arrives at our workshop.

These items come in via part exchange where a customer has upgraded to a larger or more powerful piece of equipment, or where we have bought the Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment due to liquidation, closure or a business moving premises. Which we also provide removal of the equipment.

Some items may have had too hard a life and the kindest thing to do is to put out of their misery before they create unhappiness with new owners. Some items such as tables and sinks can be deep cleaned and are ready to go. The great thing about stainless steel for example is that it is a relatively soft material and therefore, easy to clean and sanitise.

Other items such as cookers, fryers and chargrills need to be fully assessed and then cleaned and tested. Reconditioned ovensfor example, if gas fired, require flame failure devices fitting to all burners, to ensure that if the flame gets blown out on the burner the gas also gets cut off – we can fit these and are fully Gas Safe Registered.

The assessment covers several issues with the used catering equipment,
a. Will it clean up?
b. What is the age of the appliance?
c. Does it meet current safety requirements?
d. Can we get replacement parts easily?

If all of the answers are yes, then it is refurbished. When complete it goes through our rigorous testing procedures and is the soak tested for 24 hours to make sure that the appliance is ready to be installed and give years of reliable use.

This is why when it comes to Second Hand Catering Equipment UK, we are always happy to give a warranty on our Reconditioned catering equipment.

So remember if you have 2nd Hand Catering Equipment to dispose of or upgrade; or you’d just like to discuss what we have in stock…

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