Pest Control Services

RAM Pest Control Services offer a rapid and very discreet service whatever your pest control problem and are usually in a position to provide a fast service although this may vary in the summer time, specially in flying ant and wasps nest season at which we are usually very busy.

RAM Pest Control cope with all pests, troubles with ants and bed bugs. We also address rats, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, carpet beetle, biscuit beetle, flies, birds, moles, ants, rabbits, fleas and every other pest management problem you suffer from.

RAM Pest Control give an agreed pre-set price for the majority of pest control work. Where ant infestations are a problem inside properties we’ll come out cost-free to evaluate the project and tell you of whatever we can achieve and the costs involved.

Bed bugs are rife around the RAM Control area of operation and in case you even suspect that you may have bed bugs you ought to get help quickly as bed bugs aren’t a pest that should be tackled by a beginner.

Don’t take a chance with bed bugs, contact us.

We’re also pleased to go over matters associated with pest control, to talk about hints and tips, stories and anything regarding the control of pests and vermin.

We will always recommend how to keep children, pets and staff safe.

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