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The term Kabbalah comes from the Semitic languages. Actually, this name is most commonly used in the context of Jewish religion and mysticism. But since this word has existed for at least 3,000 years and the mystery of its meaning was probably spread in the Mediterranean at that time (Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Malta), one can say that its meaning need not be determined in a spiritual direction , Nevertheless, the written language of Kabbalah is Hebrew, which, however, has as common ground with the Arabic and Greek Phoenician alphabets.

The word Kabbalah literally means receiving or accepting. If you come to a reception in a hotel in Israel, then there is קבלה – Kabbalah. But also in the Arabic language, this term Qubul قبول exists which has the same meaning, namely accepting. The word Kabale, an outdated German word for intrigue, also derives from this, because it describes a secret doctrine that circulates without the knowledge of others and disseminates information of which one knows nothing. And, in fact, this was the case for Kabbalah’s secret doctrine for centuries. Originally, the word Kabbalah generally referred to the revelation of the Torah to Moses on Mount Sinai (circa 1400 BC).

Interesting in this context, are the two sacred words Ka and Ba, which described the spiritual aspects of the ancient Egyptians. Ka stood for the psychic aspect of the human being, which after physical death persists as the etheric double of the body and represents a kind of guardian spirit of man and the source of life force. The corresponding hieroglyph shows two open arms, which, one might at least interpret, want to receive something. However, the Ka arises together with the body and is bound to the physical and exists in parallel.
The Ba is also the part of the soul, which is bound to the body, but dissolves from it after death (astral body). But during life, the ba is trapped in the body. He is born, so to speak, when the physical body dies and is symbolized as the Ba-bird. This stands for the free soul as an entity, which can move freely after death.

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