Earn Money As A Secret Shopping Agent!

You can be an Undercover Shopping Agent, carrying out secret assignments — no risk — good pay!

The work is fun, exciting, intriguing, and the pay is quite good. There are currently assignments in most all geographic areas, both nationally and internationally!


In brief, an Undercover or Mystery Shopper is an individual who poses as an ordinary customer and collects information about a business’s products, service quality, and employees. In fact, the work has much in common with the usual sales agent or taobao agent, but with secrecy. All missions are carried out in a highly secret, undercover manner.

As an Undercover Shopping Agent or Mystery Shopper, you will visit a store or restaurant, or other business behaving just like any other ordinary customer. As a part of your secret assignment, you are given a list of products to buy and things to watch for.

Then, after you leave, you simply write a report revealing what you uncovered during your secret mission. Often these reports merely involve filling in the blanks and selecting the most appropriate responses provided by the organization engaging your Undercover Shopping Services.


As an Undercover Shopping Agent, you give the companies you work with valuable feedback about their business’s products, services, quality, and employees. The best way of accomplishing this is to use ordinary people to pose as regular customers.

We, then, can discreetly observe what is going on, the quality of the business’s products and services and the behavior of its employees. If the service quality is bad, for instance, the business’s headquarters wants to know about it! So, you perform a valuable service and help to insure other customers of receiving the highest quality products and service when they shop.

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