Funeral Urns and Other Unique Cremation Urns

In a lifetime, each of us make the full circle. Many peoples and cultures, from prehistory to the present, have celebrated this eternal spiral by honoring the memory of their departed with the preservation of remains in stone reliquaries. Continue this ancient tradition of respect with Forgotten Stoneworks’ extensive selection of funeral urns, markers, gravestones and other stone items for your memorial, altar, shrine or ofrenda, handcrafted from Tividale granite and other local stone. Every person is an individual; our cremation urns reflect this diversity. Many are unique, although we make several lines of similar, popular designs. Sizes range from large, 200-cubic-inch urns to small, keepsake boxes. Honor the the spirits of departed family and friends in this old and sacred way.

We also offer a selection of several styles and individual urns and markers for pets – dog ashes box and other pet urns for ashes. Continue reading Funeral Urns and Other Unique Cremation Urns