Kabular Numerology

The term Kabbalah comes from the Semitic languages. Actually, this name is most commonly used in the context of Jewish religion and mysticism. But since this word has existed for at least 3,000 years and the mystery of its meaning was probably spread in the Mediterranean at that time (Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Malta), one can say that its meaning need not be determined in a spiritual direction , Nevertheless, the written language of Kabbalah is Hebrew, which, however, has as common ground with the Arabic and Greek Phoenician alphabets. Continue reading Kabular Numerology

The Simple Things

The simplest thing, like the proper application of salt and pepper, can make or break a dish. Salt is one of the most elemental and essential ingredients in cooking. Try a French fry with salt and without it and you will know immediately what I mean. I don’t claim to truly understand the alchemy that exists between the magical combination of salt with black pepper, but I think it is perhaps the greatest gift bestowed by nature on cooks after fire. Continue reading The Simple Things

Information Technology and Recruitments Interrelation

Today we are living in the era of technology and new innovations has revolutionised the world. There is no field of life which is untouched by technology. So far information technology is concerned it is earning huge profit by recruitment jobs. People uses internet and social media as a medium to converse with large audience. Facebook and Twitter are the mediums you can communicate with large audience, convince them to take your recruitment service and get appropriate jobs. Continue reading Information Technology and Recruitments Interrelation