Organic Baby Products

Natural or organic products are all the rage these days. Organic baby skin care is something every parents should look in to. Compared to conventional baby bath products you will find organic products to be smarter, and healthier for your baby, and help you be a worry free mama!

Truly Organic?
With so many natural organic baby products out there, do you know how tell the good ones from the bad ones? Don’t assume that an organic product is truly organic just because the label says so. There are many different qualities of organic baby shampoos depending on the percentage of certified organic ingredients. The really only sure way to tell if a baby shampoo is really organic is if it has an organic seal.

Organic baby products can be anything from organically grown cotton, baby food, skin care products, and more. (If you are breastfeeding, it will be a definite benefit for you to start jumping on the organic train for yourself as well!) Protect your baby and give him as many natural baby products or elements as possible. Choosing all organic products for the skin of your baby you can reduce worrisome rashes and also irritation that appear thanks to some products. So, by choosing all natural ingredients or foods, you teach your children good and healthy habits that can help their skin, as well as yours!

Organic Shampoo
While baby shampoo is designed to remove excess oil and dirt, most conventional baby shampoos are loaded with toxins and potential irritants. Eww! These chemicals and synthetic ingredients can lead to scalp irritations and dryness as well as other problems.

Organic baby shampoos are usually made of organic ingredients and/or botanical ingredients (such as plant extracts or oils) which are much healthier for your baby’s health. They are toxin-free and usually come with lavender which actually helps to soothe and calm your baby especially at nights when it’s time for bed. Umm, yes please!

Organic Baby Lotion
Conventional baby lotions and baby oils are typically made from synthetic ingredients that can irritate your baby’s skin and actually strip the skin of its own natural oils. Using organic baby lotion hydrates with natural and organic ingredients like olive butter, shea butter, and aloe.

Organic baby oil is also a natural baby skin care product that’s great for your babies skin care. A small price to pay for your baby’s skin care!

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